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Welcome to RnF's journey!

The History

3 years of musical collaboration, a lifetime passion for music

About Rocks n Flowers

Two gals two guys all original melody makers or story tellers...

A mix of cultures creates an eclectic rock pop dance sound, best described as "positively melancholic rock with meaningful lyrics and rocks blues trans tunes. They are often being compared to Fleetwood Mac but they beleive it's only a look similarity.

RnF create a buzz in their own space by holding House concerts on the top of their hill surrounded by the big blue. They recently turned their space in a recording studio and recorded their first album with the influence of music producer Scott Seabright. This year, RnF has played 2 festivals and is ready to go further afield.


Grant Tromp


Brigitte Legendre


Nic Rees


Richard Hawkins


Coming up

-Date Venue Location Ticket
- Sat 25 July OPV House Concert Tutukaka Koha
-Sat 26 September ONEONESIX (ROCK N ROLLer) Whangarei Tickets
-Sat 10 October BUTTER FACTORY (Fringe Festival opening) Whangarei Tickets
-Friday 13 November MANGAWHAI REC CENTRE (ROCK N ROLLer) Mangawhai Tickets


Singles off our upcoming album!


Our latest creations on our official Youtube channel! Don't forget subscribe us!

AVEC TOI - Official Video

This video was shot in one go at the RNF's HQ in Tutukaka. No cut, no editing, lots of fun and running involved.

3350Views Watch Now

Petrol&Wine - Official video

This video shot in a pub has a message. Watch the scenes behind the scenes. Can you work it out?

5812 Views Watch Now

AUTUMN MOON - Official Video

This one was shot at the RnF's HQ overlooking the big blue on a full moon rising out of the ocean.

4720 Views Watch Now

Thunder - Official Video

Thunder was the 1st song written by RnF as a band. A soft and powerful ocean song.

3804 Views Watch Now

Mexican Sleepers

This one tells the story of 2 kiwi guys travelling in Mexico and a train crash where the slippers remain.

1500 Views Watch Now

Storm - Official Video

This song about facing mortality when confronted to cancer is strong, dark and powerful.

1103 Views Watch Now

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